Rich Ganja

My name is Rich Ganja. I'm a musician, an introvert, a recluse that struggles with people.

I live with neurosis and insecurity - it stands over me like a shadow. Each day is like climbing up a mountain only to do it all again the next day. My liberation comes in the nighttime when I enter my music lab. I lose myself in a dimension where I can mash up sounds from all over the world - the universe even!

I grew up on the South Coast of England to immigrant Indian parents from Africa and I’ve never had any formal musical training. Growing up with diverse musical influences I fell in love with the movements of world grooves and syncopated beats. I became fascinated by the emotive power of film scores. My work is inspired by these influences.

Technology is at the heart of what I do. I make funky-cinematic-electronic beats using computers and intricately chopped up samples. Some people have too much respect to mashup genres - I don't have that! My lack of training has given me a desire to play beyond my own limits and I don’t follow rules or genre conventions. My work comes from a place of freedom.

When I create I feel uplifted, I feel freed from myself and the heavy bags that I carry during my days. It is my therapy!

This is who I am. I hope my music touches you on some level.

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